OOTD :: Love it or leave it?

While on the seemingly neverending quest to own nothing but animal print, I came across this dress from Mango:

And while I love almost everything about it, I’m having major problems actually wearing it outside my bedroom. The problem lies in the bust area, and in particular the way the point of the V is sewn shut and seems to create a pocket across my chest. As in, a gaping and slightly billowing pocket, right where I need less bulk and not more.

And it’s a bummer, because I love this dress so much. The fabric hangs so nicely and from the waist down it’s super flattering and nice to wear. I’m not sure if I should hang on to it or if it’ll inevitabley end up unworn and sold at some point. Even in the pictures I can see that it looks like it’s pulling across the bust when it isn’t.

Maybe better suited to a smaller busted sister???


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