The Microblading Diaries :: Week 1

So I bit the bullet again, three years after my first go at microblading I finally decided it was time to give it another shot.

Back in 2016 I was disappointed that it didn’t last as long as I thought it would, so this time I went into it knowing I could expect around a year max. I was also keen to try a combination brow {microblading and shadow combined} rather than just microblading, as it was described as being better suited to oily skin {aka my forehead} and had the definite bonus of looking more like the filled in brows I love.

Side note: I’ve also learned that when it comes to brows, lashes, and nails, natural isn’t really the word I should be using to describe what I like.

So I went along to my appointment all full of excitement and enthusiasm, but what I didn’t count on was that my own skin seems hell bent on sabotaging every attempt at perfect brows.

The brow technician informed me that not only was my brow super oily but it was also likely to be very sensitive, i.e. I’d find the procedure extra painful. And yes, the last time I did microblading it was extremely painful even with numbing cream. She also informed me that these factors would also be an indicator of profuse bleeding, and she was right on that too. I’d also find that my skin would struggle to retain the pigment. Yes, that’s what happened last time. {Yes, I wondered at this stage why the fuck I was still there.}

Shading was also out, at least at this first appointment, as it involved multiple needles which, combined with the microblading needed to get the right shape and my skin’s propensity for bleeding, was just too much skin trauma for one session. I’m hopeful I can add just a touch of light shading at my follow up appointment though.

All up I walked out a bit underwhelmed, mostly because I had the hairstroke look I didn’t really want along with a much thinner shape than the one I usually have, which I’m guessing was due to the technician needing to wrap the whole thing up because of how fucked my skin is. But for all this cash I don’t want to be unhappy with the final result, so I’ll be insisting on some extra fullness at the follow up. I also like straighter strokes at the start of the brow rather than a rounded look.

What I found interesting is what the brow technician explained to me in that cosmetic tattooing isn’t so much about your ideal made up brow, it’s more about when you opt for the no makeup look being able to skip touching up your brows. Filling them in or making them bolder when doing a full face is still normal, and maybe I looked at it all wrong last time I did them because I expected to never have to touch them for a few years. So I’m happy this time to aim for a good everyday brow I can wake up and ignore if I choose to, or fill in if that’s what I feel like.

All up this week I’ve followed the aftercare meticulously, seem to have skipped the too-dark stage {or I’m just used to walking around with tint on and no longer notice my brows being too dark}, and they’re only barely starting to get crusty and scabby. Fingers crossed they heal well, because let’s face it, I probably won’t be doing this again unless they come up with some new options for oily foreheads.


Stay tuned for the next update!

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