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I’m a shameless ripper-off’er of fashion looks, and a lot of the time all I’m scrolling Instagram for is some #ootdinspo. And that’s okay because that’s what hashtags are there for in the first place, am I right?

I didn’t realise, however, that I had completely ripped off an entire look and then proudly posted it to my profile like I was all clever and shit.

{Side note: a sign of just how bad my memory actually is, because I had even liked the pic of the same outfit on someone else not even a few days before. I’m still going with the blaming my thyroid excuse.}

It all started with a new dress from my favourite cheap frock destination, Little Party Dress. The dress was named Wallflower and initially I thought I’d skip buying it because it seemed way too summery and therefore not much point buying as we headed into Winter.

Then I saw the layering thing.

By taking some of your favourite Summer dresses and adding not only tights and jackets but also bodysuits, long sleeve T’s, or skivvies underneath, you open up a whole new world of outfits. A new look as well as the fun of being able to get more wear out of favourites.


Apparently everyone.

So I bought myself Ms Wallflower in both leopard print and black, and while I thought I’d simply taken inspo from the IG stories shared by Em @theillusivefemme showing how she’s been layering various dresses recently, I’d inadvertently done a complete bitch stole my look, albeit with higher boots and tights and minus the cool hat and accessories.

So basically the slightly boring mum version I guess.


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