OOTD :: Mixing things up

First there was the white denim jacket then the check cropped pants then came the tucked in bodysuit and trousers look. And even though I like to challenge myself to keep it interesting and try new looks, it was the white cropped jeans {Suzanne Grae} that really took me aback.

Let me say it again:


Not me at all, but here we are so I guess it’s never too late for this old leopard to change her spots after all.

I’ve paired it here with one of my favourite chunky knits {Big W} for a bright contrasting pop of colour, and also plan to wear it with a silky snakeskin print shirt, kind of an inverted look of the snakeskin print pants and white shirt {both from Suzanne Grae} shown below:

Also not usually me despite more and more green popping up in my wardrobe, is this bright green pleat dress from Big W. It came with a tie belt but I wanted a bit more definition and less fabric swamping my waist, and I love the look with the wide tie around belt {Asos}. I also picked up a Mandy wrap dress from Little Party Dress and don’t know why I’ve avoided wrap dresses for so many years either. {It does accentuate my boobs WAY more than I’d like but makes my waist look smaller in contrast, so win win I guess???}

Now stripes are definitely not something new, but a long-line fitted dress is. Fitted anything, especially over the tummy area, is not what I feel comfortable in, but this dress just skimmed so nicely that I had to grab it. And it’s comfortable and at $15 {thank you Big W} it was a great buy.

And as the years creep ever closer to my fifth decade playing around with clothes is an easy and fun way to feel young{er} and fresh. Here’s to mixing things up for a long time yet.

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    1. Thanks so much. I hesitated with the green dress, pleats look good until you have to wash/iron them, but I’m glad I went and tried it on!

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