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My dream bedroom makeover is still a bit of a way away while we finish the reno’s downstairs, but recently my daughter swapped out all the furniture in her bedroom and I couldn’t help being a bit jealous at how shiny and new her room is now. And in an instant it got me back on the ol’ Pinterest and Insta, saving some of my favourite bedroom looks.

The hardest part is actually pinning down one look or style, and it being one both my husband and I can agree on.

Romantic four poster

Should I have outgrown the fascination for a four poster bed by now? This minimal look with swathes of fabric looks gorgeous even while I know at the same time how very impractical it will be to keep it all clean and dust free.

Soft and upholstered

Cozy soft upholstered bedheads have been everywhere for a few years now and one of the other rooms in the house has one and yes they still look really nice. Add some soft fluffy rugs, throw blankets, and cushions along with a few pastel toned accessories and it all looks super pretty, b u t is maybe not a look the hubby would love so much.

Hotel style luxe

Just for a second please ignore the gold touches I am insane for at the moment, because the thing that really grabs me here is the oversized hotel style headboard behind the bed, which is definitely something we could do given the size and dimensions of our room. Freestanding art deco style side tables add a glam decadent feel, while the bed itself is actually very simple and clean. And check the bedside lights hanging from the ceiling: I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS IDEA!!! I love everything about this look right down to the artwork.

Cast iron classic

This cast iron bed with a foot end would fit in our room so perfectly, and would definitely be the most straightforward choice as we wouldn’t have to replace every other item of furniture. The one and only drawback for me is the fact that I’d love to swap all the current dark-almost-black pieces for bright and classic white, and am hoping to go with light grey walls and white woodwork to offset new white furniture and existing plantation window shutters. But I do love this bed, and if I found one in a creamy white shade it could very possible be a done deal.

Modern, minimal, and a tiny bit masculine

Somewhat surprisingly, I really love this look. The grey walls are only a bit darker than what I had in mind, and with a feature colour or wallpaper on the wall behind the bed it really works for me. The bed is super minimal, and the few items of timber furniture warm it all up. This is probably the closest my husband and I would come to agreeing on something to be honest, if only those art deco side tables weren’t so damn amazing…


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