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There’s no question that something happened to Kmart and Big W in the last few years, because suddenly they are THE place to hit up for up to the minute takes on bargain versions of the latest trends.

And while we all know that it’s impossible to walk into Kmart and buy that only one thing you came in for, at these prices you can walk out with bags filled with some great finds and #zeroguilt.

the jumpsuit

I’m very sheep-like in that the minute I hear that something has sold out or is referred to as a cult item, I MUST HAVE IT. I didn’t expect much when I saw this Kmart jumpsuit plastered all over Instagram because jumpsuits and me don’t really play all that well together, but I was very pleasantly surprised and took one home with me.


In need of some full length leggings that weren’t boring black, these garish gems from Kmart caught my eye and have become a firm yoga favourite.

almost-a-peplum but not 

This is almost a peplum top, which I LOVE, but it’s even better because it’s that little bit longer and looser fitting, which makes it perfect for work. Bonus points for the print. From Kmart.

emerald green

Green has recently become on of my fave colour choices, and when I saw it paired with pleats and a small print I initially thought this Big W frock might be a bit too much. Happily, it’s not, especially when paired with this well loved Asos wrap around tie belt instead of the matching tie up ribbon belt it came with.

team stripes

Anything full length and even remotely fitted the whole way through wouldn’t ever normally even get a look in, but something told me to try this Big W dress on, and I’m glad I did. It does that perfect skim thing where it doesn’t cling, but instead flatters.

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