All About Macarons

I have been on a mission to learn how to create perfect macarons at home for quite a few years now. I had some early success with a very simple method, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how hit and miss the whole process seemed. I wanted to know that I could really make proper macarons and not just fluke something that tasted and looked okay. I wanted to nail it, and know that it wasn’t a one off result. I wanted authentic, people.

So between then and now I have made many many many batches of these fancy French morsels. I have tested various recipes and tried all of the different methods. I have researched, studied, cooked, and tasted. I have borrowed library books, bought my own books, trawled the world wide web, and invited as many people as I could get to try the results. {That was, admittedly, the easy part}.  And I think I can finally say that I have cracked it.

Firstly let me say this: macarons are not easy, despite what some blogs and books would have you believe. They are not a walk in the park, especially for an inexperienced cook. But they are not so difficult that you can’t or shouldn’t have a go. What it takes is practice.

When it comes to recipes I use the same basic macaron recipe for the shells. I will occasionally add a flavoured extract to the macaron shells but generally I flavour the filling.

So here on this page you can find tips, recipes, and all the other things that will help you to make perfect little macarons. {Not that mine are perfect, I wish. Still working on my piping technique}.

Click on any of the images below to read more:

Tips & Hints
Macaron Fillings
Basic macaron recipe
Basic macaron recipe
Chocolate macarons
Chocolate macarons
Vanilla Bean macarons
Vanilla Bean macarons
Rose flavoured macarons
Rose flavoured macarons

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